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Myth #2: Self-Awareness Is All About Introspection

You think if you keep asking ‘why’ to yourself, you’ll get the answer.

But here’s the trust: Thinking more about ‘why’ doesn’t give you any more knowledge.

The result: You end up with a wrong answer or you stay in the introspection mode for hours.

What’s even worse is that introspection may lead you into a downward spiral of self-doubt or you may become obsessed with repetitive thoughts in search of the ‘truth’.

Here’s how it works:

Source: HBR

How do you become ‘aware’?

Stop asking ‘why’. Start asking ‘what’.

For example: Instead of asking “Why do I hate my job?” or “Why isn’t this relationship working?”, ask “What don’t I like about my job?” and “What’s not working in this relationship?”

‘Why’ leads to shallow rationalizations that only support or deny what you already believe while ‘what’ leads you towards specific new information which may help you identify patterns of behavior, your personality traits, etc. 

So is that it? Is that all you need to know?

Absolutely not.

This leads me to myth number #3.

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