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Myth #3: Being Book-Smart Is Enough To Become Self-Aware And Live A Successful Life

When I was at the peak of my career shift, I realized how crucial it was for me to learn leadership skills.

I realized leadership is not just for CEOs running giant companies. In fact, it is a must-learn skill for every person.

At first, I started reading articles, books and even started watching videos on becoming a better leader.

How good of a leader was I becoming by doing that? I think you already know the answer.

Then, I saw something. I saw an opportunity to join a course named “Leadership in Practice”. (notice the words “in practice”)

That was it. That’s exactly what I needed.

That course made me a far better leader than I could ever become by learning the theory.

After finishing the course, I got this certificate:

Sweet, isn't it?

The same thing happened with my emotions.

I was learning so much about the theory of emotional intelligence, but I was still sick of getting owned by my emotions.

Anger, anxiety, fear, worry, and so on were not only holding me back, but they were having a negative impact on my relationships.

So I decided to take control.

While it didn’t take one day to change it all, I challenged myself over and over again and voila, I started seeing results. I got much emotionally stronger, more stable and resilient person.

And that’s not all.

I started relating with others and other people started to connect with me. Whether it’s a small talk, a meaningful conversation or difficult conflict resolution, I’ve stopped stepping back into shyness or awkwardness. 

As a result, I feel much more confident and happy.

All because of what I applied through the challenges I gave myself.

So, here’s what I urge you to do…

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