High-Performance Coaching: Get More Done And Feel Less Stressed

Would you like me to personally help you…

…become less busy and more productive so you can use your time, energy and potential more effectively?

Hi, I’m Prakhar.

A few years ago, I was “hustling” day and night.

I was broke and desperate.

I was trying to start an online business and find ways to make money online.

I was working non-stop but nothing was working.

No matter how hard I worked, I wasn’t moving forward. I was feeling a strange mix of frustration, fear, anxiety, depression, stress and burn out.

I forgot what “fun” used to be. I was rarely spending time with friends and family.

And yet…

I was seeing no results.

It broke my heart. 😔

When I was awake, all I could think about was work.

And my dreams were haunted by the fear of failure.

Then one day, I decided to stop.

No work. Nothing.

And that day changed my life.

It made me realize what I had been missing all along.

It was my energy.

I was running on a crap fuel and hoping to get great results from my long work hours.

From then on, I learned to manage my energy, attention, and priorities. I worked less but I was more productive than ever before.

I continued to self-experiment to find ways to increase my energy and productivity.

Then I finally started seeing results. I made more money than ever before. And the best of all…

I could finally relax and have fun in life.

Today, workaholism is on the rise. People measure their self-worth by the number of hours they work.

And it makes me sad to see people working their ass off while sacrificing their wellbeing and their relationships.

To be clear, I’m not against hard work. It has its time and place. But working hard doesn’t mean working more and giving up your life.

I’ve never heard someone older saying that “I wish I had worked more.”

Most of the regrets they speak of are related to family, friendships, health, and happiness.

And that’s why I’m so driven to help ambitious professionals claim back their time while staying a top-performer by increasing their energy and improving their productivity.

You are doing your best to juggle everything in your life. You DESERVE to unlock your productivity potential so you can not only contribute more but have time for yourself and your loved ones.

Imagine if you could get 2x, 3x or even 4x more work done in less time.

What would it mean to you?

What would it mean to your business, personal or professional growth?

What would it mean to your family? (when you’ll have more time for them)

That’s what I do – I train ambitious professionals to perform at their peak levels so they can not only achieve more but also live a happy life without feeling burnt out. 🔥

The principles I have discovered and learned in the past few years are game-changing.

Time management is just a small piece of productivity.

I solve all the root causes and small details to unlock peak performance potential within you (even if you think you’re lazy or lack focus).

My coaching will help you become a high-performer to get you more organized, focused, energetic, balanced and fulfilled so you can accomplish more and enjoy the rest of your time.

A life well-lived is productive, fulfilling, fun, loving, healthy and happy. And you can experience it when you perform at your peak levels.

Look, I’ve been there. I wanted to make progress towards my goals and dreams. But when I pushed myself too hard, I felt burnt out and my quality of work suffered.

So instead of providing you quick fixes, I will fix the root causes so you can experience long-term growth, productivity, and life satisfaction.

No more procrastination, distractions, silly excuses or lack of focus/clarity. With me, you’ll achieve more, stay focused, feel less overwhelmed, feel energetic and enjoy life. 🚀

So if you’re ready to…

  • Perform with a sharp focus and mental clarity
  • Get your life in order and get less burnt out
  • Achieve more in less time and feel more fulfilled
  • Have sky-high energy and peace of mind
  • Enjoy stress-free time you to enjoy without guilt

…then click the button below to request an invite for our coaching call.

Testimonials For Prakhar

Prakhar Verma
“Prakhar is an amazing coach. He is very understanding and knowledgeable in every aspect. Not only is he there to guide you step by step of the way, but he will keep you accountable and continuously check up on you. It may be small but it is a very powerful thing to do. He does not need to do it but he understands the value and the power of keeping accountable. He will push you to your limits and push you out of your comfort zone to grow. The goal I have achieved through his coaching was to start producing content and get in front of the camera as I am an influencer. He has made it easier for me to clarify what content I needed but most importantly he knows just getting in front of the camera is what was needed to stop doubting myself. Keep up the good work and continue to guide others to be the best version of themselves!”
Kevin Gonzales
“Prakhar has been supporting and instrumental in organizing a morning routine. Setting up priorities and goals and striving towards them. The amount of time and commitment, Prakhar has devoted to the coaching is phenomenal. I highly recommend Prakhar for your next coaching session.”
Ken Karthik
“Prakhar has been helping me establish and track my daily habits to work towards my goals with daily check ins, encouragement and guidance. I’ve been able to find better clarity and focus on what matters most and will help drive progress the fastest.
Gwen Z
Prakhar has proven that I just needed the right coach. Constantly engaging, constantly checking in, and holding me accountable to my goals. He asks good questions and helps me stay focused on my main priorities and goals.”
Marshall Hughes
"I find Prakhar accessible, down to earth yet a strong hand that guide me in to the future. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”
Hassan Hussein
“Prakhar is a great coach..He coaches you to the point..He goes step by step.He is very persistent in keeping you accountable in your goal..I am happy to find him as my coach..”

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