Personal Coaching For Ambitious People

Let me guess…

You’re successful in people’s eyes.


Deep down, you know you’re not fulfilled.

Even though you achieve more, make sacrifices and dream big…

There’s an empty void inside you that doesn’t get filled.

You see, we are weird creatures.

We think we want the best for ourselves, but we don’t.

From my experience in coaching and reading a lot of emails over the ears, I see a lot of patterns repeating over and over again.

You may think that you don’t self-sabotage or limit yourself. So let’s find out how you do.

See if you can identify with any of these behaviors of self-sabotage:

  • Procrastination; laziness
  • People-pleasing; being soft; being “nice”
  • Inferiority complex; insecurities; fear of criticism
  • Lack of focus; not being present
  • Avoiding responsibility or commitment
  • Negative thoughts; depression
  • Anxious thoughts; overthinking; social anxiety 
  • Giving up to fear; cowardice; staying safe and comfortable; avoiding mistakes, failures and rejections; avoiding risks, uncertainty and change
  • Being a miser; not eating enough; not enjoying life
  • Overspending; eating too much; addictions; overindulging; lack of discipline
  • Ignoring finances; relationships, happiness or health (the consequences of bad habits); staying poor, lonely, unhappy or on a poor diet
  • Workaholism; overworking
  • Giving up or not starting; not staying consistent
  • Avoiding spending time alone; being overly dependent on relationships; staying in a toxic relationship
  • Anger; resentment; hatred; envy; blaming; shaming; judging; unforgiving (oneself or others)
  • Perfectionism (bad kind — obsessing over unimportant details)
  • Poor performance; not giving your best
  • Wasting time or being “busy” all the time
  • Seeking drama, distractions and excuses
  • Lying to yourself and others
  • Thinking small; playing victim
  • Not seeking or asking for help; staying unclear and confused

I’m certain that you at least do one of these things. In fact, most people are doing it in many ways and they don’t even realize it.

Awareness is the first step to self-mastery, so congrats for taking it.

If you REALLY want to resolve any of those behaviors in yourself, let’s start with the last one of the list.

Would you like some help?

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

I’m Prakhar – a certified coach who helps highly ambitious people change their self-limiting behaviors to attain self-mastery and to practice self-love.

I went from being an average student to winning awards in college. I refused to get jobs to earn my freedom. I beat hereditary diseases by taking full responsibility for my health.

I didn’t accomplish anything because of talent. All I did was eliminate the self-destructive behaviors within me. I removed the biggest obstacle in my path, which was me. I got out of my own way.

I’ll help you do the same. I’ll take you through the transformation you need through the quickest and a personalized path for you.

With me, you will stop sabotaging yourself and create a powerful self-image through self-love and self-mastery.

How do you sign up?

First we need to find if we’re a good fit for each other. For that, I’ll give you a free coaching session if I think we’re good fit for each other.

To find that out, fill out the form below and answer a few simple questions.

If you’ve got a question, feel free to contact me by clicking this link.

Testimonials For Prakhar

Prakhar Verma
"Before Prakhar, I was in a toxic destructive relationship. I felt oppressed, couldn’t create either time or space for myself. I couldn’t hold my head upon water. My thoughts kept shooting at me everyday, holding me knees deep in mud. He helped me find courage and enthusiasm within myself to step by step make my way out of this horror trip. I needed to be inspired in a different way, things and people that would surround me before would lead me to self-destruction, I came to a point where I could trust absolutely no one, not my friends, not my family, and of course not myself. I was completely isolated and didn’t even notice how deep I hid myself. My first session with him was a painful coming out. I’m set into a daily planing that fulfills me and I can see myself grow every day, working hard to achieve goals that motivate me. People or situations that would make me feel low just disappeared and so did my old ugly habits, progressively and without effort, to create space for new graceful optics. I feel confident looking forward and finally realize : I deserve it. His feedback is so well meant that it feels right and brings me further. He makes me smile when I tell him about things I’m most ashamed of."
Léa Lasserre
"Prakhar has been incredibly helpful! I've never had success with goal-tracking apps before, but Prakhar set me up with a Google Sheet to track all my goals, habits, daily tasks, and more which has been completely transformational. I can now see how I have been doing with all my goals and habits from one sheet, which has been really motivating for making real progress. In addition, any time I get stuck, Prakhar has useful and helpful advice to help me get back on track in the right direction. I highly recommend working with him to anyone who wants an expert on their side to help them make rapid progress towards their ideal life!!"
Nathan Kessel
"Before I started working with Prakhar, I was getting to sleep well after 1 am every night, and I struggled to follow daily routines. I had tried reminders on my phone and complicated schedules. Nothing seemed to work. With Prakhar's help, I am now regularly getting to sleep before midnight. The extra sleep has made such a difference in my energy and my mood. I've also been planning daily, exercising, and even began a daily meditation habit. Getting to bed on time was the small improvement that made the others possible. Throughout the process, Prakhar was proactive in reaching out to me, checking in on each of my daily habits, and encouraging me to continually improve. If you are considering working with Prakhar, I can't recommend his work enough!"
"Prakhar helped me to realize some key understandings about how I've been self-sabotaging myself. It caused me to take a hard look at my belief systems, and prepared me to ask myself if I'm truly ready to change them, and change my life. He has an understanding of a vital component of coaching: asking the client the right questions."
Juston James
“Prakhar is an amazing coach. He is very understanding and knowledgeable in every aspect. Not only is he there to guide you step by step of the way, but he will keep you accountable and continuously check up on you. It may be small but it is a very powerful thing to do. He does not need to do it but he understands the value and the power of keeping accountable. He will push you to your limits and push you out of your comfort zone to grow. The goal I have achieved through his coaching was to start producing content and get in front of the camera as I am an influencer. He has made it easier for me to clarify what content I needed but most importantly he knows just getting in front of the camera is what was needed to stop doubting myself. Keep up the good work and continue to guide others to be the best version of themselves!”
Kevin Gonzales
“Prakhar has been supporting and instrumental in organizing a morning routine. Setting up priorities and goals and striving towards them. The amount of time and commitment, Prakhar has devoted to the coaching is phenomenal. I highly recommend Prakhar for your next coaching session.”
Ken Karthik
“Prakhar has been helping me establish and track my daily habits to work towards my goals with daily check ins, encouragement and guidance. I’ve been able to find better clarity and focus on what matters most and will help drive progress the fastest.
Gwen Z
Prakhar has proven that I just needed the right coach. Constantly engaging, constantly checking in, and holding me accountable to my goals. He asks good questions and helps me stay focused on my main priorities and goals.”
Marshall Hughes
"I find Prakhar accessible, down to earth yet a strong hand that guide me in to the future. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”
Hassan Hussein
“Prakhar is a great coach..He coaches you to the point..He goes step by step.He is very persistent in keeping you accountable in your goal..I am happy to find him as my coach..”