Welcome to Emotional Mastery

IMPORTANT: Please read this before you begin your journey

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Congrats on taking a step forward towards Emotional Mastery!

I’m excited for you to begin this 40-day course.

Before you begin, please read the following points:

1. On week 1, you have access to the Self-Awareness and Bonuses. Every week, a new module will get unlocked: Week 1 – Self-Awareness, Week 2 – Self-Management, Week 3 – Motivation, Week 4 – Empathy, and Week 5 – Social Skills. From week 6, you can access all the modules whenever you want.

2. The course is designed to be taken in 40-days, which can be consecutive or not. For best results and experience, I recommend you take the course day-by-day, instead of reading or rushing through them all at once. (I’m telling this from the results of past students)

3. Sometimes, you’ll find you already know something or have read the advice somewhere. In those cases, I ask you to “empty your cup” as Bruce Lee puts it. He says, “Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality.” This means even if you know something, approach the lessons with an open mind and look at it from a fresh perspective. And most importantly, be willing to take action on the lessons (that’s why I call them Missions).

4. Since this course requires a lot of reflection, please use a fresh digital or physical notebook where you’d record everything related to the course. If you’re going for a digital notebook, Evernote or Google docs are good options but feel free to choose your own method. Also, in order to not forget about this course, you may consider putting it somewhere you visit every day (example: to-do list, pinned email, a reminder). Make sure you save your username, password and the link to the course.

5. Please use the following spreadsheet to stay on track and make progress.

Click here to open the spreadsheet

Once you open it, either download it by going to the ‘File’ menu on the top left corner and selecting ‘Download as’ to use it offline or if you have Google Drive, click on ‘File’ and select ‘Make a copy’ to use it.

The spreadsheet will help you track your progress. Here are the details:

a) For each mission, check the box under “Read” and “Done” when you’ve read and done a mission, respectively. You can add additional notes about any mission if you wish.

b) Every module has different meditation instructions (which you will find at the start of each module). Every day, you can record if you meditated that day. If you did, enter the number of minutes you meditated for (use a timer to record). You can check the “Done” box even if you meditate for 1 minute. If you scroll down to the bottom, you will find a box which will automatically calculate the total number of minutes you meditated in 40 days.

6. I’ve done my best to minimize reading for you and pack as much value as I could in the least words possible. So each day, your task is not just to read the lessons. Every mission is applicable in real life and it’s best to implement the lessons as soon as you can (ideally on the same day). You can track the “reading” and “doing” part separately on the spreadsheet I mentioned in the last point. And remember, repetition is the mother of all learning so make sure you IMPLEMENT each “Mission” at least once. And don’t hesitate to come back to the lessons as many times you need in your life. Also, sometimes, you’ll find a lot of tips to implement in a single mission. In that case, choose to focus on ONE behavior at a time and come back to the lesson to master the other tips and techniques.

That’s all!

If you have any question or confusion, reach me at prakhar@designepiclife.com

I’m pumped up for you to start the journey![/text_block]