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About the Book

This book is a voice to my soul. It’s not a how-to book, nor does it try to persuade you to believe anything. It’s a collection of scribbles that my soul wanted to sing out loud.

As you read the scribbles, you may find peace in your mind and love in your heart. You may also dislike some or disagree with some. Whatever happens, take notice and reflect on how that scribble affects your soul.

You’ll find that sometimes I’m writing to your soul directly even if we haven’t met. If you look for the message, you’ll find it. Don’t wait for too long if you feel inspired to apply a message to your life.

You can read the scribbles one after another or one a day in any order you like. You can read the book regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs. All you need is an open mind and an open heart.

The slower you read, the more you’ll immerse yourself in the book and absorb the messages. Come back to this book and open a random page whenever you feel like doing so.

Soul Scribbles Book
“The ideas in this book can help you awaken your true nature and get in touch with your inner power. You can use it as a daily inspiration ritual to get you through the day. It takes less than a minute to read a chapter, but it will stay with you throughout the rest of your day (and maybe even a lifetime). Prakhar is a promising young writer who deserves your attention!” – Tomas Laurinavicius
“Refreshing read. The author invites you to experience your own life as it is, neither good nor bad, just as it is. Through short pieces you can think more deeply or not. You can choose to affirm your core beliefs, challenge some of them, or even create them. I’ve gone back to parts of the book and have a new experience or thought rereading them. I appreciate the author’s willingness to be vulnerable and he invites you to experience how his musings speak to your soul. This is a great purchase and a great book to gift.” – Maryl

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Prakhar is a writer, coach, entrepreneur, lifelong learner, polymath, truth-seeker, and lover of life. He has written multiple hit articles and passages on platforms like Medium, Reddit, and his blog He has also helped hundreds of people online with great success as a coach.

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