Prakhar Verma

Hi, I’m Prakhar, a certified coach and teacher.

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I was born average. I have no talent. And I’m not special.

I grew up in India in an average household among the population of billions.

All my childhood, no one believed in me because I wasn’t among the top students. 

As I grew up, I started building up fear and anxiety about my future. I had no direction, no hope, no confidence, and no idea what I was going to do.

The expectations of parents, societal pressure and my own concern about my future made me chronically stressed as a teenager.

To escape reality, I spent hours playing video games. But no matter how much I indulged, eventually, I had to return to reality.

Then one day, I was browsing YouTube and came across some videos of some crazy people doing adventures using a GoPro camera.

I saw the level of happiness and joy on their faces. They had their heart in what they were doing. I had forgotten how to feel that way somewhere in my childhood. They weren’t just existing, there were thriving.

At that moment, I made a decision that changed my life.

I decided to follow my bliss.

I stopped running the race that I was forced to run since childhood.

I asked myself…

What if I don’t settle?

What if I explore new possibilities?

What if I stop believing that I’m average?

And I simply…experimented with tons of new things that my heart guided me towards.

My parents may not have believed in me then, but they supported me 100%. And that was all I needed at that time.

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”— Confucius

That isn’t to say my life is perfect today. In fact, I have a lot to figure out. I crave close relationships and I still get anxious at times.

But I know I’m not lost because I follow one principle that I completely trust.

I follow my bliss and live by my epic life framework.

I want to inspire gazillions of people to live the life they’re meant to live and unlock the greatness within them.

I want to do it because I’ve been in the dark and I don’t want anyone to stay there because life is too short for that. As Howard Thurman once said, the world needs more people who have come alive.

Sometimes, I fear that I won’t be able to impact the number of people I aspire to. But then realize I have you. If you’re reading this and you get inspired or get one takeaway from the blog today, that’s enough.

So please do me and yourself a favor and go live. Follow your bliss and trust yourself. 

Now it’s your turn.

Maybe you feel lost.

Maybe you feel stuck.

Maybe you fear you won’t reach your goals.

Or maybe you’re working hard but not getting what you want out of life.

No matter what it might be, it’s time to gain the momentum to design your epic life.

Free yourself.

Be true to who you want to be.

You matter.

Your life matters.

You have one life to squeeze out what YOU want most out of life.

It’s a miracle to be a human. Please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

You may want to grow in your career, find a new job, start a business, make more money, travel the world, be fit & healthy, improve your relationships, find your community, re-connect with yourself, improve yourself, learn new things or even find time for your hobbies.

No matter what you want, pick your priorities according to your season of life.

This is your call to adventure.

Set sail and move towards your best life one day at a time.

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