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Hi, I’m Prakhar.

I created Design Epic Life to help ambitious people design their lives. I’ve been a top writer on Medium.com in several categories and I contribute to publications like The Mission and The Startup.

For years, I’ve been studying successful people.

And you know my biggest discovery?

When we look at a successful person, we only see their achievements and titles. None of us can see through their emotions and happiness.

I found that not every successful person lives a fulfilled life and you don’t need to be successful (from society’s standards) to live a fulfilled life.

There are only a few people who are not only high achievers but also happy, peaceful, and fulfilled.

All because they master their emotions before mastering their lives.

Your internal world changes your external world. It is the foundation of all success, peace, fulfillment and happiness in life. 


I’m not a millionaire or a celebrity. But I live a life true to myself and I continually grow to become a better version of myself while having peace and freedom.

That’s what success means to me.

But it wasn’t like this a few years ago…

Even though I’ve been into self-improvement for a long time, I couldn’t solve my emotional issues.

I hated to admit, but deep down I was crankymoodyeasily irritable, constantly worried and generally unhappy. So I would try to put a fake smile in front of people.

But it didn’t help.

I suffered from mood swings, social anxiety mood swings, social anxiety, and my relationship was an utter failure at that time – all because I couldn’t deal with my emotions.

I would feel emotionally drainedexhausted and upset after minor arguments or misunderstandings. 

I was often stressedoverwhelmeddepressed and couldn’t escape the cycle of negative thought patterns even when I was a self-help junkie.

But then I had it enough.

I was tired of being sensitive and reacting to life this way. I decided I wouldn’t tolerate such behavior from myself.

So I became OBSESSED with finding solutions to my emotional and social problems.

Then I found what was missing.

Turns out, I wasn’t flawed to sense and feel my emotions.

I needed to train my emotional intelligence to handle my emotions better.

I also discovered that emotional intelligence is a skill, not a born trait.

Even though formal education never taught us about emotional intelligence, it’s something anyone can always develop with proper training.

So I devoured hours to learn and improve different aspects of my emotional intelligence.

It was fascinating. You want to know the results?

Emotional intelligence literally saved my life.

  • I was no longer confuseddoubtful or hesitant. I discovered myselfand found what I wanted to do with my life.
  • I wasn’t a victim of my emotions anymore. I learned to manage myself, which led me to stay emotionally stable during the tough times in life.
  • I stopped chasing shiny objects or unclear projects. I gained clarityabout what’s really important to me in life and developed self-discipline to get pulled towards my goals.
  • I quit overthinking about myself and was no longer self-absorbed. I became more of a giver and started connecting with people on a much deeper level.
  • I let go of my social fears and insecurities. I became confident to speak so people want to listen, listen in a way that people appreciate and hold engaging and meaningful conversations while staying true to my personality.

Chances are, you’re stuck in the same emotional or relationship patterns for years even after watching videos or reading books and articles.

You want to live a fulfilling life, but your emotional blocks keep you stuck and hold you back from making the most out of your life.

I want to change that.

My mission is to help high-achievers like you use your emotions to excel in life and relationships.

So you can finally stop being a slave to your emotions and focus on your goals to live a richer life.

The Average vs The Extraordinary

There are two types of people:

The average ones —average entrepreneur, average student, average employee, average boss, average parent, average husband, average wife, average friend, and so on.

Then there are people who have something about them. You’re not sure what that is but they just have a slight edge in everything they do. They are what most people call — extraordinary.

The difference between the two is HUGE.

Your work performance, business success, creativity, health, wealth and relationships depend on your emotions.

  • Hiring managers are desperately looking for people who are emotionally intelligent. They admit that they would choose someone who has better soft skills even if they don’t have the best hard skills.
  • Most entrepreneurs never taste success. I’m not talking about failure here. Everyone fails. But the ones who eventually succeed acquire two of the biggest skills they need for success —mastery over their emotions and people skills.
  • Relationships can easily become disasters when two people with low emotional intelligence collide. It’s not just needed for romantic relationships. Parents owe their children to create a culture of high emotional intelligence since childhood.
  • Your emotions dictate if you’ll make a healthy choice or indulge in junk food; go for a workout or stay on the couch; make wise money decisions; and be creative even when you don’t feel like it.

So my question to you is this…

Are you ready to join the extraordinary club?

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