5 Ways You Can Raise Your Standards To Upgrade Your Life

“If you want to change your life you have to raise your standards.” — Tony Robbins

The quality of your life is the reflection of your standards.

You could make millions and still stay poor in your mind. Being poor is not about making less money.

Being poor is a mentality. It’s a choice to live a low standard of life.

When I say low standard, I don’t mean the luxuries and pleasures that rich people can afford.

You can raise your standards regardless of how much money you make. It’s not about the money, it’s about your mindset.

Different people have different values. We can have high standards in some areas of our lives while we may avoid the other areas.

The five major areas of life where you can raise your standards:


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four adults had two or more chronic health conditions in 2012.

In 2015, 79% of adults did not meet recommendations for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening physical activity. Over 1 in 3 adults (about 92.1 million) had at least one type of cardiovascular disease.

Clearly, the average person is not healthy. Getting diagnosed with diseases has become a common thing.

Smoking, excessive drinking, eating unhealthy foods, and a sedentary lifestyle are the major reasons for such an epidemic.

Your health and fitness have to rise above an average person if you want to live well and feel good in your body.

Raise your standards by eating healthy foods, training your body, sleeping well, and relaxing on purpose.

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If you want to raise your wealth standards, learn to manage your finances. Spend money wisely, track your expenses, save for the rainy day, negotiate and invest.

You can live a frugal life without being a miser by buying things, services, or experiences that truly enhance your life. Avoid impulse shopping for yourself but don’t hesitate to spend money on the people you love.

You can also make more money by making yourself invaluable and ask for what you deserve.

Being invaluable means doing extraordinary work. Constantly seek opportunities to learn and improve your work. Keep making progress and don’t settle for average work.

When you raise your work standards, you get a better outcome. As a result, you love your work. Average work leads to lousy results, and that’s when we hate our work.

“We only get what we believe that we deserve. Raise the bar, raise your standards and you will receive a better outcome.” — Joel Brown

Develop a strong work ethic, keep your commitments, and over-deliver to stand out from the crowd. Find your strengths and develop upon them to provide value to the world.

Average work will be replaced by the machines. Develop creativity and thinking skills to secure your place in the future workforce.


“Refuse to lower your standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise theirs.” — Mandy Hale

Meeting new people is great. But, if you’re not careful about people who you surround yourself with most of the time, you may get stuck in a mediocre or stereotypical thinking pattern. Don’t lower your standards to fit in with other people. Find people who raise the bar and help you improve.

Watch out for the people who show jealousy, selfishness, passive aggression, dishonesty, or narcissism. Such people are energy vampires.

Surround yourself with people who accept you, respect you and inspire you to become better.

These people will not be perfect but they should inspire you in one way or another. Every person is different and has flaws. Learn to accept them if both of you help each other grow and are compatible with each other.

Raising your relationship standards also means connecting by giving your full attention, love, and effort. It involves making sacrifices, caring for other’s needs, making others feel loved, and not taking others for granted.


You raise your standards whenever you —ignore the lizard brain, say no to distractions, delay gratification, or choose voluntary discomfort.

Daily small choices set the foundation for your standards. Stop reacting to temptations. The urge to open social media, check notifications, eat unhealthy foods, skip workouts, buy unnecessary stuff, dwell on the past, or waste time will always be there. It is your duty to recognize them and kill them before they kill you.

Temptations are immature. They seek momentary pleasure and disregard the future. You don’t have to act on your urges. Making the right decisions in the face of strong urges is a sign of true wisdom.

When you’re faced with urges, acknowledge them and do the right thing anyway. You will feel proud and your self-confidence will become unshakable.

You don’t have to give up all the pleasures in life. You can enjoy pleasurable experiences in moderation. Find a healthy balance for yourself but don’t indulge beyond your allowance.


Your thoughts determine your actions. If you want to put quality thoughts in your mind, you must craft your environment in a way that most thoughts in your mind are useful or helpful.

Destructive thought patterns lead to depression, worry, or anxiety. Your internal self-talk is the way to speak with your subconscious. Make sure you talk to yourself from a higher perspective.

Become your own life coach. Use the power of self-affirmation to feel powerful and inspired to become great.

What beliefs do you hold for yourself?

Most people never recognize what they are capable of because they think too small and lack self-efficacy.

If you raise the standard of your mindset, you will not be shattered by the failures or setbacks. You will see obstacles as an opportunity to learn and grow. You will get inspired instead of getting jealous. You will participate in healthy competition instead of comparing yourself with others.

“What changes people is when their shoulds become musts.” — Tony Robbins

Identify where your standards are lacking and commit to raising the bar. Think about the cost and consequences of not raising your standards. Change your limiting beliefs and take action to silence self-doubt.

Raising your standards is not about being an egomaniac. It’s about having a healthy level of self-respect.

Take inspiration from mentors or the best work in your field and add your own touch to create the best work you can at the moment. Your work will only improve if you set a high expectation for yourself. This, however, should not stop you from shipping your craft because quantity brings quality.

Sometimes, you will find that your current standards are lower than the standards you wish to have. That’s okay as long as you recognize the gap and work to make the gap shorter.

Run your own race and continually create, learn, reflect and improve. Eliminate all the excuses. Take full responsibility for your life.

You know you’re on the path of growth when you’re working to raise your future standards and when your present standards are higher than your past standards.

“Let your actions prove that you’re committed to living life on a new level. Get rid of the people and thoughts that confine you to an average existence. Raise your standards and aim for greatness.” — Tony Robbins

Ready To Raise The Standards Of Your Life?

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