15 Best Planners For Peak Productivity, Success & Happiness

If you’re looking for the best planners, you’re in the right place. In this post, I go over some of the best productivity planners so you don’t have to spend hours finding the best one for you. You can check out the page-by-page features of the planners at a glance on this page to choose your planner.

And in case you’re wondering why you should even buy a planner when you can use an app or a blank journal, here are two good reasons: 

First, an app could be useful, but when you handwrite your goals, dreams, and plans, they become more concrete as your subconscious mind internalizes it better.

The other reason is that a planner gives you a structure and proven framework that already works for thousands of people. So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel from scratch or wonder what you should write in your planner.

In this review, I outline the featuring pages of the best daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planners so you can put your productivity and success on autopilot.

1. Day Designer

Design and live your ideal day.


  1. Big picture, goals in areas of life, morning routine, evening routine
  2. Quote, top priorities, schedule, to-do list, notes, daily gratitude
  3. Monthly planner

2. 90X Goal Planner

Plan and act on your 90-day goals.


  1. Vision board and top-5 90 days goals with reason
  2. Actions and ideas
  3. 30 days calendar with notes and quotes
  4. Weekly overview with wins, lessons, thoughts
  5. Daily goals, planning, doing, notes with quotes

3. Law of Attraction Life Planner

Best for the Law of Attraction lovers or for those looking for a famous planner.


  1. Weekly goals, weekly priority, weekly overview, weekly appointments, reward, quote, today’s goal, to-do list, positive habits, ideas, notes
  2. Monthly goals, reward, feel-good action list, skills and habits to master, most important monthly goals with action steps, reason and reward, appointment and event calendar, ideas, notes
  3. Monthly reflection

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4. Clever Fox Planner

Another planner combined with the features of a journal.


  1. Awareness, gratitude, self-discovery section, vision board, goals in areas of life, goals breakdown to choose focus areas
  2. Weekly planner, goals, priorities, notes, to-do list, habits/skills tracker, wins, reflection
  3. Monthly planner, calendar, goals, reflection

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5. The Freedom Journal

Accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days.


  1. Day  pages with  reflection, focus, action plan, thoughts, resources
  2. Night  pages  with reminders, struggles, solutions, planning, thought
  3. 10-day sprints and quarterly reviews

6. Passion Planner

Best for those looking to live a passionate life.


  1. Passion roadmap  with wishlist, priorities, planning, goals
  2. Weekly layout  with weekly focus, wins, quote, challenge, personal and work to-do lists, daily focus, appointment calendar, free space
  3. Monthly overview  with  calendar, monthly focus, people to see, places to go, not to-do list, personal, work projects, space to break down goals

7. SELF Journal

A journal from BestSelf which is famous for their productivity and success tools.


  1. Daily timeline, Morning gratitude, daily goal, daily tasks, quotes, lessons learned, daily wins, evening gratitude
  2. Weekly pages with habit tracking, happiness tracking, weekly wins, reflection, goal tracker
  3. Monthly planner, tasks, and reminders

8. Productivity Planner

A useful productivity planner from Intelligent Change.


  1. Daily  pages with  quotes, MIT, secondary tasks, additional tasks with Pomodoro time tracking, notes, productivity score
  2. Weekly planning  with priorities, secondary and additional tasks, commitment
  3. Weekly review  with wins, fails, lessons, planning

9. Panda Planner Pro

For all the Panda lovers!


  1. Daily  pages with morning review (gratitude, anticipation, affirmation, focus, exercise), schedule, priorities, notes, EOD review (wins and improvement)
  2. Weekly  pages with a review (wins and improvement), planning in different areas, anticipation, habits, learning, projects, goals
  3. Monthly  pages overview with calendar, notes, planning (goals, reasons, distractions), review (wins and reflections)

10. Full Focus Planner

A planner that helps you focus on the important tasks.


  1. Daily pages with priorities, tasks, notes
  2. Goal detail  with summary, key motivations, next steps, reward, streak tracker
  3. Weekly preview  with  wins, action review, task process, events, deadlines, and tasks.
  4. Daily rituals  with a morning ritual, workday startup ritual, workday shutdown ritual, an evening ritual
  5. Ideal week and rolling quarter with quotes

11. The High Performance Planner

Perform at your peak with this planner.


  1. Daily pages  with morning mindset prompt, goals/priorities, wins, lessons, gratitude, self-scoring
  2. Weekly pages  with  moments, struggles, lessons, review in areas of life with assessment
  3. Upcoming monthly pages with events, projects, deadlines, calendar, success prompts
  4. Monthly review pages with reflection, realignment, life assessment

12. The Perfect Notebook

A customizable modular notebook based on a four-step system – plan, act, monitor and reflect.

The Perfect Notebook


  1. Daily task pages
  2. Big blocks system
  3. Ruled notepad
  4. Two ruler bookmarks
  5. Personal goals with big blocks (fun & recreation, relationships, body time, personal growth, skill-building)

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Planner?

So there you have it — the best daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly success planners to increase your productivity and improve your life.

To pick the best planner for you, don’t spend too much time in analysis paralysis. Glance at the features and pick one based on your preferences to get started! And remember, planners are great to organize your life and mind, but the magic only happens when you take action.

Happy planning (and doing)!

Ready To Plan Your Life?

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