Higher Consciousness: The Five Levels Of Consciousness

Have you ever wondered what’s beyond ordinary human consciousness? Maybe you have already had mystical experiences of higher consciousness or maybe you’re intrigued by what it feels like to raise your consciousness.

While science is still exploring the mystery of higher consciousness, you can become your own scientist and explore consciousness with your direct experience. That’s what all spiritual traditions insist upon — to realize Truth on your own.

So even if you read about the depths of your consciousness in this article, you must go within to experience it yourself. As the famous analogy goes – if I point a figure at the moon, you have to look at the moon, not my finger. Let these concepts only serve as a tool for your own realization.

Now, let’s explore the five levels of consciousness one can experience on a spiritual awakening journey:

1. Human / Victim Consciousness 

This is a typical human who is deep asleep in their “normal” consciousness. At this level, we are busy and distracted with our life’s agendas and problems. We often blame and complain; live in doubt and insecurity; and act from fear and selfishness.

We are ignorant of Truth. Some of us are depressed because we feel numb and others are on a hedonic treadmill because we keep chasing another high. Either way, we don’t realize or seek the Truth that will set us free from the illusion.

The illusion of a separate self is so strong at this stage that we can’t see past it. Our rational mind is dominant to the degree that the intuitive mind has a very low chance of taking us to higher consciousness.

2. Soul Consciousness

This is when one realizes that there is a deeper aspect within that is beyond the body and mind. We realize that we have an energetic field to which the universe responds. We may call it your frequency or your vibration.

The law of attraction operates at this level as the universe reflects our dominant vibration. Our thoughts and emotions also take a flavor of our vibration. The more aware we become of our vibrational self, the more we can consciously attract what we want.

Realization of the soul makes us aware that it’s not the human, but the soul that is on a journey of spiritual evolution. We understand that the human mind and body is just a vessel for the soul to experience time and space; that there is life after death; and that the soul reincarnates in another body after death.

3. Higher Self Consciousness

The Higher Self is the future version of ourselves that has lived all our incarnations and can guide us if we seek its guidance. Realization of the Higher Self makes us aware that we are co-creating our reality with our Higher Self and that we can get more and more aligned to our intended path if we choose to do so.

We design our lives with our Higher Self before each incarnation for the lessons we want to learn and things we want to experience. There are certain themes we want to explore in each incarnation, but it’s always up to our free will if or when we will follow the path we designed before our incarnation.

When we seek to connect with our Higher Self, it can guide us toward the direction of our true desires and life purpose. Our Higher Self never infringes upon our free will so only we can walk our path. We create our reality based on the guidance sought and our willingness to follow the direction, which is why it’s a co-creation.

4. God / Unity / Christ Consciousness

This realization dawns when one realizes that our true nature is pure Bliss/Love. It’s the essence of each one of us and it’s also the fabric of the universe. It is the beingness/awareness that remains when we strip away all the layers of our identity, including our individual souls.

We become one with God and realize it’s not outside of us in gurus or deities we may preach. It’s shared among all of us and there’s nothing that is not God. Awakening to God’s realization is both healing and freeing.

The more we abide in this consciousness, the more unconditionally loving, peaceful, free, blissful, and powerful we feel as we tap into our true nature before a separate sense of self is constructed. We see unity and the interconnected nature of existence.

5. Absolute / Source / Infinity / Singularity

This final realization is beyond consciousness and therefore, words can’t describe it. It is beyond the grasp of the mind’s limited comprehension and can only be known through direct experience for it is the end of all illusions.

In this realization, all fear and doubt disappear, all dualities collapse, and all paradoxes resolve. You are beyond creation (time and space) in foreverness/eternity yet omnipresent in all creation . You are empty of all knowledge yet omniscient since you are everything.

You realize that you are the One Infinite Creator, which means that there is only one Creator and that Creator is infinite — exploring, experiencing, knowing, and loving itself in infinite ways through infinite forms. You are That!

Before Enlightenment, Chop Wood Carry Water. After Enlightenment Chop Wood, Carry Water

Before self-realization, we do spiritual practices, read spiritual books, meditate, and purify ourselves to awaken. After self-realization, we do all of that to master these levels of consciousness. In both cases, will/awareness and surrender/faith are needed.

Whether it’s a seeker’s journey or a master’s journey, the essence of a spiritual journey involves invoking will, being aware, having faith, and surrendering to what is.

After we realize that we are the One Infinite Creator, the choice each one of us has is to serve oneself at the expense of others or to serve others including oneself. Either way, all serve the Creator.

Play The Infinite Game

No matter where you are in your journey, keep on going on this infinite path. There’s no end to this game. We forget only to remember who we are, and we merge back with the Creator only to forget it in a new Universe. It’s the Creator playing with itself in infinite unique ways.

Embrace where you are, keep moving forward on your path, and enjoy the ride! The True Self is never lost, whether you remember it or not. And when you do remember, detach with complete trust for it can never be truly abandoned.

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