How To Craft Your Bulletproof Life Vision To Live Your Dream Life

You can live your dream life at any age no matter where you are starting from. To do that, you must know how to craft your bulletproof life vision to live your dream life.

You’ve got one short life and you’ve got to make sure you use it to strive for your vision before you die.

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Hey, this is Prakhar coming to you from In the last episode, we covered how to approach goal setting to achieve your goals. Now in this episode, I’m going to talk about how to craft your bulletproof vision to live your dream life no matter where you are starting from. Let’s go.

You’re going to die. I’m sorry to tell you the truth but most people won’t tell you that because they want to avoid the topic of death. But you know what the good news is? That you are fortunate enough to have this life at this time on planet Earth and your duty is to live your dream life, to create a vision for yourself and live up to it.

I don’t care how young or old you are. You have to give yourself permission to dream big. The problem is that nobody teaches us how to dream big. They tell us to be realistic for sure but they don’t tell us how to create a vision and live the life you deserve to live before you die.

So when you go about creating your vision the first thing that you need to think about is your dream life. What kind of experiences or lifestyle you want to have. When you open your eyes, what do you want to see? how do you want to feel? what kind of people do you have around you?

Then the second part of your vision is your best self. Your best self is about choosing what kind of character you want to have. What kind of skills do you want to develop? What does your well being look like?

And the last and the most important, which probably most of the people miss is your purpose. Your purpose isn’t about yourself. It’s about what kind of contribution you want to make in this world. What services do you want to provide? Because your purpose is the biggest motivator of all. Your dream life and your best self may motivate you a lot, but your purpose will move you. It will compel you to go for your vision because then it becomes about other people. It becomes a duty to show up and shoot for the vision that you have.

When you have your vision written down, read it out loud and see if it moves you. Your vision should make you cry or it should give you goosebumps. It should get you emotional and excited. If it doesn’t, it’s probably not big or significant enough.

You have to choose things that matter to you. And if you don’t have it yet, it’s okay. It’s even okay to change your vision over time. It’s a process, you can keep updating it as you go but you have to aim towards something today. Because designing your life is about making small adjustments as you go. It’s not having the perfect vision in mind from the get-go. Because the purpose of your vision is to give you a direction and meaning to your life. Because meaning is not something you wait for. You could think there is no meaning to life or you can give it a meaning created by yourself.

Now once you have your vision, design your entire life around it. What doesn’t fit, gets eliminated. That’s how you find the time and focus for doing the things that matter. Maybe you cannot eliminate everything right away but you will remove them one by one as you move towards your vision.

The vision is your fuel for life. It’s about the life you want to live or at least strive for before you die. Some people may believe that life is meaningless. Well, it may be, but I refuse to think that way because life is too short to think it’s meaningless. I will die with meaning. I will go to the grave knowing that I have done everything I could to strive for my vision.

Now the last thing about the vision is that it’s not something that you think about once and then hope to achieve it. You have to visit it often. Maybe it’s during the time of journaling, meditation or prayer. It’s all up to you but you have to visit almost every day because if you don’t, you will get lost in the day-to-day drama around you. And for that reason, I am linking a post I wrote about protecting your vision from the drama of life.

Now head over to to get my post on how to protect your vision.

Until next time, keep designing your epic life.

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