Sigma Male

What Is the Sigma Male or Female Personality? (Claim Your Authentic Self)

What is a sigma personality? Who is a sigma male? Who is a sigma female? Many people are claiming to be one, but most have the wrong understanding. Some people have created memes around the term “sigma male” while some are questioning if it’s a real thing.

You’ll find all the answers in this post, which is not the usual answer you will find in other posts or videos on sigma personality. Before diving into the topic, let’s start with a premise.

We are always looking to fit ourselves into boxes of identities, personalities, groups, cults, and even eating philosophies. While there are upsides to having a framework around your values and principles, we often neglect the downsides that come with it. When we trap ourselves into pre-defined boxes, we limit ourselves and our thinking.

For example, I told myself that I was an introvert for years. So I reinforced my belief by being more and more introverted. I indeed have introverted tendencies, but it didn’t mean I could not develop extroverted skills to expand my personality. Once I came out of my own mental patterns, I broke my limiting beliefs and I became an ambivert. But now, I don’t identify myself as an ambivert either because then I’ll put myself in another box.

So please keep this in mind as you read the post. I’ll talk about the sigma personality archetype, but it doesn’t mean that you are either sigma or you’re not. You don’t have to trap yourself into any personality type. With that said, let’s understand the archetype of sigma males and sigma females.

What is a Sigma Male (or Sigma Female)?

Sigma is a personality archetype of a dominant introvert who is self-reliant and independent. Their power doesn’t come from a social hierarchy, it rather comes from their being.

Sigma males or females value themselves and respect others. Instead of relying on power dynamics to feel confident, they claim their individuality with their naturally powerful presence.

Usually, extroverts strive to be alpha males or females as it fits their style. On the other hand, introverts are a better match to fit the archetype of a sigma male or female.

Many people have created memes and debated if sigma personality is a real thing. So the question is – Is sigma male a real thing?

Sigma personality is an archetype. It is as “real” as you want or don’t want it to be. I can go on and on talking about the nature of reality, but then I’ll go way off-topic.

My point is – it doesn’t matter if it is “real”. What matters is how you relate to it and what you can take away from it. Even if you don’t relate to being a sigma, there’s a lot you can take away from learning about sigma personality and sigma mindset.

In my case, I was a shy, introverted kid as I mentioned before. I turned into a powerful ambivert. I have my own charisma and charm, which is different from most extroverts. When I learned the meaning of sigma male, I could relate to almost all the traits of a sigma personality.

For me, being a sigma male doesn’t mean that I 100% fit into the archetype. Part of being a sigma is to not fit in any box or label, because sigmas value freedom and individuality. So it’s not me who fits into the sigma male personality type. Most parts of the sigma personality type fit in me. I’m much more than a sigma male.

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Sigma Personality Traits

In theory, there are five male archetypes – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, and Sigma. The first four are part of a social hierarchy, while sigma stands outside the social hierarchy. You can also call them a lone wolf or a tiger because they stay alone.

No matter what archetype you think you fit into, the problem arises when you’re not aware of the downsides of these archetypes. If you want to fit into an archetype to feel dominant, you’re coming from a place of insecurity.

You think you’re not good enough or you don’t feel powerful enough so you need a societal structure to feel safe. While it’s okay if you want to play power games sometimes, but if you first work on your personal power that is always available to you, you won’t need to rely upon social approval to define where you stand.

Even many sigma males or females remove themselves from social hierarchy because they want to feel higher or be better. Here, the underlying motivation still comes from a place of insecurity. I’ll talk more about how to gain your personal power no matter who you are. But first, here are the most common traits of a sigma male or sigma female:

  • They are independent, confident, and self-sufficient
  • They are self-starters who like to work by themselves
  • They love their personal space, privacy, and solitude
  • They are incredibly self-aware and introspective
  • They are silent leaders and they lead by example
  • They are highly adaptable and they take calculated risks
  • They disregard and escape the social hierarchy
  • They love learning, achieving, growing, and improving for themselves, not to impress others
  • They don’t define their self-worth based on material things or social validation
  • They don’t conform to societal expectations
  • They are mysterious and hard to get
  • They are dominant introverts who command the room with their presence
  • They know what they want and they go for it
  • They do their own thing and have their own style
  • They can play the role of an alpha, but they prefer to be a sigma

How to Be a Sigma Male (or Sigma Female)

As an extrovert, you may want some traits of a sigma. As an introvert, you may want to develop yourself into a sigma.

These are my personal ways of becoming a sigma male. You can pick these and add your own mix to them to create your own personality.

Claim Your Power

Don’t be a puppet of circumstances, drama, and distractions. Feel your emotions, but maintain composure. Handle chaos with stability. Say no to anyone or anything that pulls you down. Stay connected with your source.

Claim Your Confidence

Be confident before you become competent. Competence is based on skills, whereas confidence is based on trust. Trust loses its meaning if you’re already assured of the outcome. Trust yourself and the process of life. Be vulnerable and take risks.

Claim Your Freedom

Give yourself the freedom to unapologetically be who you are and who you want to be. Accept yourself completely before you change anything about yourself. Improvement is good when it comes out of self-love. Once you love yourself, you can be your ever-changing, growing, evolving, and transforming self.

Claim Your Dignity

Be a man or woman of integrity. Keep promises to yourself. You can’t lie, fool, or cheat yourself because you’re always watching yourself. Become an honorable person in your own eyes. Self-respect sets a solid foundation for self-love.

Claim Your Uniqueness

Forget the identities given to you by others. Find your unique individuality – your nature, gifts, talents, passions, purpose, values, etc. The world needs people who have the courage to own their unique expressions and have their own experiences.

Claim Your Truth

Speak your truth fiercely. You can only correct yourself if you’re wrong. But if you never express yourself, you’ll never be free of others’ opinions of you. Truth is both relative and absolute. So don’t worry about being right all the time. Stay bold because you will be misunderstood and criticized when you share your truth.

Claim Your Potential

Install forcing functions to help you grow in the direction you want. If your life is not challenging enough, give yourself challenges to support your growth. This is where a coach can hold you to high standards. The world needs more people who expand their potential in the service of a cause or a mission.

Claim Your Wisdom

Make time and space to soak in stillness and emptiness. Come back to the center of your being, where your kingdom lies. Here you connect with your higher self so it can give you insights and an understanding of your true nature. This is where your wisdom grows and your consciousness rises.

Conclusion – Are You a Sigma? It Doesn’t Matter.

Sigma personalities are rare people who don’t rely on others to be dominant and powerful. Their power comes from within and their domination is over themselves.

Most sigmas get more attention than they’d like to have because people get naturally attracted to them. Their personality sets them apart from other people who are hungry for power and attention.

You now know the definition of a sigma male or female. But it doesn’t matter if you are a sigma or not. Get to the essence of you who you are and figure out who you’d like to be. Forget social hierarchy or a type of personality and focus on your individuality. Become the best version of whoever you are.

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